At TMC Migrant and Seasonal Head Start (MSHS) program, we provide Transportation services for your children.



Multi-State Head Start Centers:


Rio Grande Valley South Texas Region

Ohio  and Indiana Region

Crystal City Wintergarden and Texas Panhandle Region

Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, and Oklahoma

Laredo,Texas Region

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For general information please call:

1888-836-5151 (956) 722-5174



Migrant and Seasonal Head Start (MSHS) was created to respond to the needs of migrant farm worker families. MSHS provides child care services to migrants to ensure that young children are not with their parents in the fields, where they can be exposed to pesticides, hazardous equipment, extreme heat, and other health dangers. MSHS has served migrant children and families since 1969 and seasonal children and families since 1999.1 Just like Head Start and Early Head Start, MSHS provides services focused on the “whole child,” including early education addressing cognitive, developmental, and socio-emotional needs; medical and dental screenings and referrals; nutritional services; parental involvement activities; referrals to social service providers for the entire family; and mental health services. MSHS programs serve children from birth to five years old.



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