Dr. Oscar L. Villarreal, TMC founder began his mission in 1969 to serve low income migrant children and their families, he felt very strongly that the migrant child and family were the forgotten Americans that toiled the fields, that feed America.  He believed that children needed to be educationally prepared if the child was to be successful. His work career started with Colorado Migrant Council in 1969, which later became UMOI in Michigan. Returning to Laredo, Mr. Villarreal was encouraged by his longtime friend, Hank Aguirre, to apply for grant monies to begin a Texas mobile migrant head start program for these families.  This was the start of Texas Migrant Council, Inc. in June of 1971, with a grant of $150,000. From this beginning, this corporation, through his hard work became a multi-million federal and state funded agency.  Dr. Oscar Villarreal was a member of the State of Texas Governor’s Office of Migrant Affairs (GOMA), received an honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Vincennes in Indiana, Migrant Seasonal Head Start Association, Liberty Bell Award, Life Achievement Award and Migrant Association of Farmworkers Organization (MAFO).  In 1999, he was awarded the OTLI Award in Washington, DC by Mexican Consul General Cassian for "keeping the road open" for people of Mexican descent in his community. Among of the various programs that he founded were Child Abuse and Neglect Program, Illinois Migrant Council, Barrio Youth Program and Food Assistance Program in Laredo, Child Care Management Programs. Dr. Villarreal was a compassionate and caring leader whose famous motto was "Por Los Ninos."


Mr. Oscar Villarreal worked tirelessly to ensure the education of migrant children and to make a difference in their lives. Through his intervention many of these migrant children are now professional individuals leading successful careers.


Today, Texas Migrant Council provides migrant head start services as Teaching and Mentoring Communities in the States of Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas and more than 5,000 children are impacted every year by Mr. Oscar L. Villarreal’s legacy.



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