January 5, 2016


34th Anniversary working with TMC

Crystal City, TX – Starting in 1981, Flor Fuentes has been working for TMC for over 30 years. TMC would like to say thank you for your 34 years of dedication:

Friends and Co-Workers,

On January 5th marked my 34th Anniversary working with TMC. I started working at Crystal City center on January 1981, back than it was located at the Housing Projects, 1600 N. 7th Street. I was hired as a Teacher Aide, with no experience with children. Romelia Cervantes was the Center Director. At that time I was placed with the 3 yr. olds, Teacher - (R.I.P) Teresa McHazlett classroom. The minute I entered the classroom, I was introduced to Ms. McHazlett and children. Ms. McHazlett wasted no time explaining to me the lesson plans for the week because she was leaving on vacation. I asked her when she was leaving for her vacation?  She said “right now”… for the whole week. Boy!!! that was an experience for me that week, to be left alone with those children. Thank God!  I survived that week. Needless to say, on January 5, 1981 changed my life working with TMC. Coming from a migrant family, I saw those children & families being no different as me and my family. Since then, I have gone from a Teacher Aide, Health Aide, Infant Supervisor teacher , Center Manager assistant and Regional Director assistant (those two titles were developed for me back then to assist) now I am grateful and proud to be the Wintergarden Region -CCSA Regional Secretary.

Along the years I have learned so many things, especially the experience and also gone through challenges, and seen successfulness through TMC but most of all, gained a lot of knowledge in TMC. In the beginning of the years I would migrant upstream with the agency and attended many events, activities, meetings, trainings and especially met with the families/children coming into the agency. I am so proud to be part of this journey! I feel like the years have gone by fast, keeping busy working for TMC and also cherishing every moment with my Husband, Daughter, Son and Daughter-In-Law.

As I started TMC I have gone through 4 Center Directors, 3 Temporary Regional Directors, 10 Actual Bosses in all, 7 Head Start Directors and 3 CEO’s with no problems what’s so ever! Well except for ONE -Center Director! I have traveled to Plainview, Lubbock and Indiana with TMC and would not change anything I have learned or gone through. I feel very proud to be part of this family.

Thank you my Friends and Co-Workers for allowing me to grow within TMC. I will continue
to do my best job performance in a professional manner as I always have.

I am forever grateful and appreciative to all of you!
PS. I plan to retire from TMC, GOD WILLING….

Flor Fuentes