TEXAS MIGRANT COUNCIL, INC since 1971 providing Head Start and Migrant Head Start Services now in seven States.

46 Years serving eligible migrant farm worker families 1971-2017 with Migrant Head Start education.





"Migrant & Seasonal Head Start is an important resource for families and provides a critical service

 to the agricultural industry. Like all American families, farmworker families continue to work hard for one primary reason: to give their children a better life. However, while farmworkers work nearly round the clock during peak harvest seasons, many times they do not have a clean, safe place for their children so that children are often left in the care of other children, or worse, are taken to the fields. This is a situation that neither farmworkers nor agricultural growers want – having children in the fields is not safe and hinders work productivity.

MSHS provides services for children of farmworkers, keeping them out of the fields and harm’s way."




 Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Program delivers educational services for migrant farm workers in seven states.

 Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Centers

For more information about enrolling your children from 0-5 years old in Indiana (7 years Max), Ohio, Iowa, oklahoma, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas,

please contact TMC Corporate office and ask for ERSEA team Jose A. Salas.

1-888-836-5151 or (956) 722-5174 Ext. 1177



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